Metrics for Life

The BrainSpan® Assessment is a revolutionary, FDA cleared approach designed to help you optimize your brain health and cell resilience through measuring, tracking, and improving key nutritional and lifestyle metrics.


Powerful score graphics, personalized recommendations, and progress tracking are unique to BrainSpan®. Your report is a vital, turn-by-turn "road-map" to a more functional and resilient life. 

A Single Test Kit

Provides Two Sets of Metrics

Cell Fatty Acids Test

  • The level of specific fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 determine the health of cell membrane.
  • The health of the collective cell membranes in any organ determines how well the organ functions.

Cognitive Function Test

  • We measure 4 main domains of brain function: memory, processing speed, flexibility, and attention.
  • Your score is calculated by comparing your performance to well-studied, normal controls of the same age and gender.

Clinical Applications

  • Gut-Brain Axis

    Proper fatty acid levels enhance levels of good bacteria in the gut. This improves the health of GI tract and immune system.

  • Neurodevelopment

    Most children today are deficient in optimal levels of Omega-3 EPA/DHA. These are critical for development and cognition.

  • Weight Management

    Excess dietary carbohydrates and poor Omega-3 intake are both associated with poor weight management and diabetes later in life.

  • Perinatal Care and Delivery

    Several studies demonstrate improved perinatal outcomes, reduced delivery complications and post-partum depression.

  • Chronic Pain

    Fatty acids play a major role in regulating pain and inflammation within our body and brain.

  • Cognitive Decline

    Fatty acids play a critical role in both the very young and the very old. Neurodevelopment and resilience to aging depend on fatty acids.

The Process

Step 1

Finger Stick Blood Spot

After registering your kit, you will collect 2-3 drops of blood on a special card and mail in your sample.

Step 2

Take the Cognitive Test

The cognitive test takes about 15-20 minutes and can be taken from your phone or a computer/tablet.

Step 3

View Your Report & Plan

Your comprehensive 12 page report will be produced and ready to view within 5 days of receipt.

Did you know?

In Keep Sharp (Gupta, 2021), New York Times Best Selling author, Dr. Sanjay Gupta,  explains the direct benefit of BrainSpan through an interview with Founder, Dr. Daniel Johnston. Building a better brain can transform the quality of our life. But it all starts with the basics of nourishing our cells with the right types and quantities of fatty acids.

The Report

Take charge of the factors that can greatly influence the health of your brain and body.

  • Use the simple summary page at the back of the report to track progress and view recommendations.
  • As you make changes and stay committed to them, your scores will improve when performing the recommended re-tests in 90 and 180 days.

  • View a sample report here.

The Progress

The average Omega-3 Index in the US is about 4%. The optimal ratio based on many well published studies is 9%.

The average ratio of pro-inflammatory nutrients to anti-inflammatory is 25:1. The ratio should be 5:1 or better.

Excess carbohydrates are turned into palmitic acid, disrupting leptin signaling and increasing cell damage.

Your ability to remember and recall information is vital to aging gracefully.

Staying focused on tasks with a high attention to detail is important to productivity.

Quickly understanding and accurately responding to information impacts our entire quality of life.

“BRAINSPAN® is a powerful health and wellness tool that was conceived during a deployment to combat while serving in the US Army.  The key was not just prevention, but optimization and resilience. No one should live their life today without knowing their BrainSpan numbers."


Learn more about our story here.

Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH 

Founder, CEO BrainSpan, LLC