Cells are the building blocks of our brain and our body. Cell health gives rise to our overall resilience & quality of function, especially within the brain.


The health & integrity of our cells can now be measured--only requiring a few drops of blood. But visualizing that information within the context of our brain function paints a much more clear and compelling picture. 


Our current & future capacity to live well & achieve our human potential is brought into sharper focus.  This current & predictive picture of our quality of life is what we simply call, our Brainspan and we control most every element of it.

From the smallest, most fundamental component of our being, to the most organized & complex structure in the universe..cells determine our health, our potential, & entire quality of life.

Practitioners, Researchers and Institutions Trust Brainspan

Step 1: Red Blood Cell Fatty Acid Test

A specialized finger-stick (needle-less) technique of analyzing the structural, inflammatory, and metabolic health of cells through a few million Red Blood Cells (RBCs). The device, safe enough to do at home, uses a specialized, treated, filter paper to stabilize and protect the fatty acids which are then mailed to our CLIA certified lab partner.

Step 2: Cognitive Test

This is a web-based, touch screen test that is provided with each kit code and is accessible immediately upon kit registration.  Over 450 publications have served to validate the utility of the normalized database we use. It only takes approximately 15 min to complete and provides normatively scored results to tell a user how well their brain functions compared to what is expected for their age.

Step 3: The Report & BrainSpan Index

An electronic, interactive, 10-page graphical, actionable, and predictive report is provide securely to both practitioner and patient. The report is written in a patient friendly manner with personalized dosing calculations on fatty acids and much more to include sleep, activity, and general dietary & supplementation guidance.

How Brainspan Works

You will receive a blood spot test and a link to complete an online functional test to better understand how you can change your life through the health of your cells.

What Brainspan Measures

Brainspan combines simple blood spot (finger prick) test results with a test that evaluates memory, flexible thinking, and attention in relation to our cell health to provide you the path to better, more fulfilling life.

Omega-3 Fatty acids are essential to the health of your cells and organ systems.

Inflammation is the body's response to injury and infection, but it also plays a role in chronic disease​.

Excess simple carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels and have a large impact on cellular function.

Your ability to remember and recall information is vital to aging gracefully.

Staying focused on tasks with a high attention to detail is important to productivity.

Quickly understanding and accurately responding to information impacts conversations with friends, family and co-workers.


Introduction to Brainspan

Join Dr. Johnston for an introduction to Brainspan with a brief overview on Essential Fatty Acid testing, cognitive mental evaluation, and a report overview. 

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"Seeing concrete results makes the problem more real but most importantly having actionable steps empowers the patient to be proactive."

Cynthia Thaik, MD, DO

Holistic Cardiologist, Harvard

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