The Genesis of Well-Being

BrainSpan is the only test to integrate both cell health with brain function to transform the way you think about nutrition and your body.  Measure and know your brain function to improve the quality of your life now, while also building your cellular resilience to aging from head to toe. It's all possible with BrainSpan.

Simple, clear, objective...that's BrainSpan.

The BrainSpan System

Step 1: 

Blood Test

First, you will perform a simple painless fingerstick collection that places a few drops of blood on a small card.  The sample is processed within 4-5 days of us receiving. 

Step 2: 

Cognitive Test

Next, a 15-minute, web-based cognitive test will evaluate your performance in areas to include memory, processing speed, attention, and cognitive flexibility. 

Step 3: 

Trend & Track

Our report will provide powerful insights that are clear and easy for you to understand. The report allows you to track your results over time, focus on what matters most, and see the change.

Results You Can Understand & Trust

The association between nutritional cellular health as we measure and the brain function results has been well validated with the average person improving over 80% in specific fatty acids and 34% in overall executive function with 3 tests over 4-6 months. This analysis included over 15,000 independent test results and was done by an independent research organization.

Omega-3 EPA/DHA are two critical fatty acids to the functional resilience of your brain and body.

On average the ratio of pro-inflammatory nutrients to anti-inflammatory are 25:1. The ratio should be 5:1 or better.

Excess simple carbohydrates are turned into palmitic acid, disrupting leptin signaling and increasing cell damage.

Your ability to remember and recall information is vital to aging gracefully.

Staying focused on tasks with a high attention to detail is important to productivity.

Quickly understanding and accurately responding to information impacts our entire quality of life.

Everyone at BrainSpan shares a vision of an integrated approach to wellness that is functionally relevant to the client.  We believe that improving the functional health of the brain is the most powerful reason for making long-lasting change. We also believe that the genesis of all health is the collective structural and functional health of our cells.

"Seeing concrete results makes the

problem more real but most importantly

having actionable steps empowers

the patient to be proactive."

Cynthia Thaik, MD, DO

Holistic Cardiologist, Harvard

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