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"Having this info as a baseline, then to retest is invaluable to demonstrate WHY they need to supplement with omega 3s amongst other supplements, but also validates the changes they are making...BrainSpan® allows me to show, rather than tell my patients, why they need to do this."

Daryl Gioffre

Chiropractor and Functional Nutrition

"I would recommend this test to colleagues.  BrainSpan® aids the practitioner in targeted supplementation and overall patient compliance."

Leslie Deems


Susan Durham

General Optometry

"The BrainSpan® test helps people see the amount of fatty acids that they need and provides valuable information about inflammation, heart and brain directly helps people see what they need to take and why."

Mary Cetan

Acupuncture Physician

“We strongly suggest that any nutritional office or doctor consider this test as the results are dramatic..[it's] a powerful educational and preventional assessment for the health of our patients...and I would absolutely recommend it."

Megan Malone

Nutritionist & Chiropractor

“The retest aids patients in establishing and meeting specific health goals. The simplicity of the [test] empowers staff and is an easy test to recommend."

S. Kahl

General Dentistry

Lori M.

Ben N.

Stephanie P.

At BrainSpan, we provide testing that inspires, educates, and creates lasting commitments to a healthier lifestyle. We are never satisfied unless our customers are satisfied. Our triad of excellence provides the foundation for all customer interactions:

  • Integrity: A must-have when people place their trust in you for critical health information.

  • Objectivity: Science and objectivity make up the original DNA since the birth of BrainSpan from military research. 

  • Effectiveness: BrainSpan continues to validate and innovate new testing paradigms and communication strategies to deliver results.

Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH

Founder, BrainSpan Life Sciences

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