BrainSpan Returns and Refund Policy

Last updated January 23, 2020


The following policy applies for purchases made through and A  copy of this policy is available within your portal account (under policies) and available upon request as a stand alone document at any time (pdf format). Kits purchased through any unauthorized reseller or individual are not eligible for any refund, cancellation or replacement. In order to be eligible for a refund, cancellation or replacement, customers must provide a proof of purchase for all kits from BrainSpan.  New providers have 30 days from the date the order was placed to return the product for a full refund. If the product was found to be defective by the buyer, the kits in question must be mailed to the address at the bottom of this form at the buyer's expense.  If defects are found, a full refund will be provided as long as the number of days since ordering and BrainSpan receiving does not exceed 30 days. If BrainSpan issues a product recall for either a specific part of affected kits or the entire kit itself, BrainSpan will replace the entire product at no cost so long as the terms and condition stated in writing at the time the notice is sent are fulfilled properly by the seller. This includes the possibly of returning the kit(s) to BrainSpan at BrainSpan's expense within the timeframe stated in the notice.  However, BrainSpan reserves the right to deny a refund and issue a replacement part or parts (or entire kit collection system) provided that the replacement provides the exact same reporting information, metrics, laboratory analytes, and can be done within 30 days of alerting the customer of the known defect. If any defective kit collection systems were used, they too have the option of being replaced if the data quality due to the defect is found to be in question by our own in house product inspection officer.  Under no circumstance will BrainSpan accept a refund if it initiates a replacement program and that program will not lead to any delays in the customer receiving and using their product more than 30 days from when the notice is sent.


Subscription Programs


Providers must give 30 day notice for an VIP subscription program cancellation and providers will always be charged one additional monthly charge after the cancellation and will automatically forfeit the outstanding balances on any inactivated kits at the time of the following month's fee is paid. During this timeframe (a max of 30 days) the provider may choose to continue to register (and therefore pay) for any existing kits in his inventory. If any unregistered kit(s) in the provider's inventory are found to be defective, are not registered, they are not subject to a refund since the product (the BrainSpan Report) has not been purchased or delivered and the collection system has the option of being replaced (the part of the test with a defect). There are no laboratory fees paid to BrainSpan if the kit was not registered to a patient unless the provider cancels their VIP status--then BrainSpan may charge a fee equal to the number of current unregistered kits x the balance remaining if the provider refuses the replacement of the collection kit. Under no circumstance are kit collection devices (which constitute a shuttle for the blood to be analyzed and then generate the report, (which will not be defective if the collection kits are replaced before a patient uses it) are not refundable and may only be replaced if found defective by the buyer and confirmed by BrainSpan or by BrainSpan directly.  If any kits which are found to be defective by BrainSpan are registered and used and BrainSpan has determined that the defect would or might affect the quality of the results, BrainSpan will refund those specific kits that were affected.  The data from the BrainSpan Qlik Business Intelligence Tool is the authority on all kit codes activated and registered to a provider as is the provider's account which is accessible by both the provider and BrainSpan administrators. If a refund is granted rather than replacing the kit, BrainSpan must see that the kit(s) have been processed and based on the information known to BrainSpan and shared with the buyer, the kit in question must have been a kit affected by the manufacturing defect. Your proof of purchase for these kits will be your monthly subscription payment and any receipts for kit balance charges which are automatically sent at the time the kit is registered.

BrainSpan has the other following policies in place. Please email support@brainspan and all receipts and Kit Codes and the initials of the person to whom you believed they were registered to and all receipts associated with the kit balance payment.

  • If your order has not shipped, you are eligible for a 100% refund of your

  • Any monthly fee to be in the program is non-refundable and is not associated with payment for kit products but is the payment for the service of auto-replenishment and inventory management costs. This cost reduces the practitioner's investment in fully activated kits ready to be registered, sitting on the shelf and defers the cost (which includes kit parts, cognitive function license, and blood processing) until the kit is registered. No unregistered kits will be processed by lab and electronic registration is not possible without first agreeing to the kit balance (currently $79) and paying with your card on file.

  • Kits that are presumed lost in the mail will be replaced up to 3 times in a given year, twice in a 6 month period.

  • If it has been 30 days or less since you've placed your order, you are eligible for a full refund less $15 USD per test kit to cover shipping, handling, and processing fees. Please include the Kit bar codes with any receipts submitted.

  • Orders over 30 days old are not eligible for any refund, nor if results have been released.

  • In both cases, BrainSpan cannot accept returned/unused kits. If you do not wish to continue using the test (including reselling), we ask that you dispose of it. Subscription VIP plans will be charged the total of all outstanding kits in the account. The presumed kit(s) in question will be deactivated the moment a refund is initially requested to provide you 14 days from that point to submit the items above to BrainSpan

  • If your kits are found to be defective for any reason as a result of a BrainSpan inspection, product manufacturing, or laboratory process of any kind, any test kits which have been purchased in full (and therefore any balance paid on the defective kit) are eligible for a full refund provided the request is submitted within 30 days of being notified of the defect, and all kit codes and accompanying receipts are provided. In the event where BrainSpan initiates a replacement solution for any defective kit(s) or part of the kit such as a lancet, BrainSpan reserves the right to confirm or deny any kits suggested as being processed if the Qlik Business Intelligence Tool and Provider Account has contradictory information. 

  • All test kits must be registered and returned to the lab within 5 months of purchase. In addition, unregistered kits expire after 3 months. Any samples that deliver to the lab after this time will not be processed. We are unable to provide a replacement kit due to expiration.

  • Providers should reference the terms and reseller agreement for other stipulations on refunds and replacements as necessary. There are both in the portal and here on the site. A PDF version can be emailed to you by sending a written request to the email below. BrainSpan has 14 days to respond.

  • See the reseller agreement about important practitioner ethical stipulations consistent with the medical boards of all 50 states and where BrainSpan is distributed as well as the Federal CLIA regulation concerning the unauthorized use of BrainSpan by non-qualified individuals and the penalties for falsifying any purchase form or application with incomplete or inaccurate information to include your degree, title, name, address, licensure status, felony record and more.

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