BRAINSPAN® Fundamentals

The What, Who, and Why of BrainSpan

What is the purpose of the assessment?

Why is this approach unique?

What does BRAINSPAN® measure?

Why is the BRAINSPAN® index important for compliance?

Who should consider the BRAINSPAN® Health Assessment?

What ages can take the Assessment?

What is the recommended testing and retesting protocol?

What method is used to measure cognitive function?

What method(s) are used to measure fatty acids?

What science exists to support the methods used above?

What is does the latest science say about the role Omega-3 and "fish oil" in human health?

Is BRAINSPAN® approved for patients to complete on their own?

Testing Process

Everything you need to know about conducing an Assessment.

As a practitioner, what are the 3 ways that the cognitive test can be launched?

As a practitioner reselling BRAINSPAN®, how does kit registration work and can my patients register kits without me being logged in?


The power of BRAINSPAN® lies within its approach to engaging the client and the flexibility we provide our practitioners through the BRAINSPAN® portal.

How do I know as a practitioner when my client's report is resulted?

What control does a practitioner have over the report delivery to patients?

What are the various ways to provide the patient their report that offers me flexibility and efficiency as a practitioner?

How do I ensure the report prints properly if printing a hard copy?

I completed my Assessment and it's been more than 6 days since received by the lab. How do I access my report?

Will a report be generated when just the cognitive function test is complete? Why or Why not?

How can I view the various report options?


An overview of commonly asked billing questions.

I would like to purchase BRAINSPAN® Assessments, where do I start?

How much does BrainSpan cost? If I am a wholesaler what is the recommended patient pricing?

How does the account process work for practitioners/resellers?

Can I use my FSA/HSA benefits to purchase BRAINSPAN®?

Can insurance be used to bill for BRAINSPAN®?

Features & Troubleshooting

Find quick and easy solutions for most obstacles you encounter.

The cognitive test is not working properly, what should I do?

I am getting an error message when clicking on "View Report" for a patient.

A report is not ready to be viewed. When should I submit a ticket to inquire?

As a practitioner, I would like to change my report type to one of the customized options with specific clinical, validated brands. How do I do that?

Locked screen on a tablet?

What if the cognitive test screen is locked and not responding when I am using my tablet?

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