Your Patients

  • Address the need: Meet a growing demand for brain health and relevant, lifestyle wellness gaps.

  • Compliance builder: 85% of patients state that they would stay on their nutritional regimen from their provider if they knew it was good for their brain.

  • Improve patient satisfaction: Studies show that patients want their practitioner to help them build a nutritional and lifestyle approach that can be measured with reliable, precise, and valid metrics.

  • Improve outcomes: Because these metrics are at the center of cell health, improving them amplifies across a spectrum of organ systems that patients feel, experience and now objectively witness.

Your Practice

  • More fulfillment: Addressing the fundamentals of systemic health offers a level of satisfaction that cannot be quantified. Existing therapeutic approaches and clinic services will have a greater impact and offer more relevance. 

  • Increase new patient acquisition: Is your practice struggling to grow or would you like to see its growth accelerate? 9 out of 10 patients aged 45+ are looking for practitioners who can tell them something about how to keep their brain healthy. Most of the demand goes unmet.

  • Increase practice value and business utility:

    • Practitioners who carry a nutritional product line are adding an average of $29,000 in nutritional product revenue with as few as 5-10 tests per month.

Overall Health Starts Within Cells

The BrainSpan assessment gives you an exact read on cellular health- the building block of total health.

Cell Function

The BrainSpan fatty acid profile is has a published 0.98 correlation with whole blood fatty acid testing placing it in a very special class of fingerstick blood tests. The RBC method produces values that are clinically significant, stable over time (first re-test is recommended at 60 days, with another at 120), and requires no patient fasting.  Over 160 peer reviewed publications support this exact method.

Cell Structure

15 minutes in length, well-validated, and entirely web-based, the cognitive function test is an automatic but optional add-on for every patient ages 15-90+.  The instrument has been used in over 400+ peer reviewed publications and is normatively scored for age based performance comparisons. 

We are changing the trajectory of human you can too.

Predicted Quality of Life: The BrainSpan Index

BrainSpan turns metrics into engaging and actionable information that translates to patients that are more compliant and engaged.

  • Scientific weighting of 10 out of 24 fatty acids that are measured with each sample: BrainSpan relies on independent scientific, peer-reviewed literature in all its algorithms designed to provide a full story of predicted function.

  • Adaptable to age and function today: the index summarizes the data from both the structural cell health and functional cell health components and based on age, computes a predicted, functional life trajectory assuming no changes are made.

  • 9 out 10 patients: the average proportion of patients now willing to subscribe or join a monthly product fulfillment program after being provided a BrainSpan assessment and a 20 minute session to review and ask questions of a healthcare practitioner.

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Practitioner Overview

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Sample Report & Features

10 page report with 2 re-tests & Standard Process Summary

Patient Education

The 360 degree approach to patient engagement starts here.

 "Patients have reported lower pain levels, improved memory and less inflammation. Patients are motivated by the fact they are feeling better which improves compliance. It is simple to use and engages people…" 

Dr. Lucas Watterson


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