As a practitioner, if have an account and have done at least 1 trial kit, you can schedule a 1 on 1 support call.


Please ensure you complete the following prior so we can spend the majority of the time customizing recommendations based on your unique clinic needs rather than reviewing the basic information available on the videos below:

  • Watched the videos on the quickstart page found here

    Before your call, we kindly ask that you and anyone else participating on the call who may be assisting you with BrainSpan testing in your office watch at least the first two Quickstart series videos located here.

  • If you are doing a trial kit program of any kind or have a portal already, be sure you have established access to the portal

    Account mismatch (a patient account was created instead of a practitioner account) issues can be remedied ahead of time by clicking here.  You can also call our support at 800-535-1518 or

  • Invite others from your many as you would like.

    The best experience and smoothest implementation always goes to those who involve others on the team who will be working with them and involved in the day to day registration of kits or discussing BrainSpan with patients.

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