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Dear Sales Associate & Partner in Health,


A recent survey we conducted revealed that 84% of patients were "very willing" to perform the fingerstick blood test within a BrainSpan kit because the test would also tell them something about their brain function. In the same survey, 89.2% said they were "highly likely" to either start or stay with their practitioner's recommended nutritional products because the report helped them to understand that doing so was good for their brain health.


Our unique value proposition as opposed to other testing systems is simple: turn simple fatty acid measurements into markers of inflammatory, metabolic, and structural health that have functional significance today and into the future.  We decided to listen to patients first the work out way back to the practitioner and test. We have then built that approach on a framework that technically, logistically, and operationally is sound, consistent and stable. Moving forward, it is our belief that only be working together will be able to create the impact that all of us are striving to attain. We hope you give the new and improved program a try and experience it for yourself. 


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Daniel Johnston, MD, MPH


LTC, US Army (Retired)


BrainSpan, Founder & CEO

Updates and Improvements

  • A special trial opportunity

    You can truly provide your practitioner something special. Ship a cost trial kit to them directly  or to you, at no cost (current limit 3 kits/rep/mo). Follow on pricing is simple and a proven favorite.

  • Consistent and stable pricing

    The rep orders trial kit at no cost and the practitioner has a no risk, no upfront cost 30 day trial. Excellent, rep-tested marketing materials to support live programs and in the field meetings. Ongoing pricing and kits are built on a solid, sound, consistent pricing model (and a proven favorite).

  • Reliable, Excellent Support

    One of our challenges in the past was clear, effective and consistent communication to both the reps and practitioners as we struggled to execute the program at a higher level. We have broadened our support staff, improved internal training and oversight and met or exceeded all objectives during 3 smaller trials in 2020.

Best Practices: Free Trial Kit Program

Collect, Activate, & Register 

their kit

The very first step when you meet is to focus squarely on one thing: obtaining the practitioner's blood sample--a 2 minute exchange that when done right transcends any sales process. Next, click on register kit from the website.  Practitioners are not charged any fee to a trial kit.  They have 30 days to try BrainSpan and if they like it, go into the Basic Plan and get 3 kits for $99 to get started.

Mail Sample & Complete the Cognitive Test

After registration, it's time for them to take the cognitive test--the manner in which this is done may depend on the time you both have available. The new enhanced kit registration process provides the link now on the webpage view  immediately after registering the test. However, as it states on the page, there is an email also sent to to them in the event the test cannot be taken at that time.

Notifications and Follow-Up 

Schedule a follow-up when you receive electronic notification that their results are in. This notification will be available in the google group for your company's trial account. 


 Tip: Check into ordering our laminated 1 page nutritional summary and helpful tips that you can order at no cost from BrainSpan below.


Practitioner Overview Guide

12-Page Educational Guide (.pdf)

Use this guide to educate practitioners on the benefits of Brainspan's unique approach to EFA and mental cognitive assessment.

Brainspan Features Handout

1-Page Feature Overview (.pdf)

Use this handout to quickly educate practitioners about what makes Brainspan unique. Provide practitioners a look at the combination of blood spot analysis and cognitive analysis.

"How much is enough?" A Clinical Guide to Omega-3 EPA and DHA

41-Page White Paper (.pdf)

Drs. Harris & Johnson put together a detailed look about dosing with a discussion about outcomes related to essential fatty acids.

Better Understand How Your Products Work

We want to be your trusted data partner to better understand how your nutrient, supplement, and herbal products work to increase cognitive function and blood lab metrics.


We know how well the Brainspan assessment increases patient compliance and visits, but also want to help your sales, R & D, and marketing teams better understand the efficacy of your products.

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