Educational Resources

Patient Resources

Brainspan Patient Guide

24-Page Educational Booklet (.pdf)

Use this beautifully looking and well-cited guide to educate patients on the benefits of Brainspan no matter what stage of life they are in. 

"Vital Signs" In-Office Poster

18" x 26" Educational Poster (.pdf)

This poster can be used to educate patients about the importance of cellular health. You can also purchase a printed version of this 18" x 26" poster.

Practitioner Resources

Brainspan Practitioner Overview

12-Page Educational Guide (.pdf)

This document contains essential information about Brainspan. Learn about the Brainspan report and process. Practitioners can use this guide to train staff. 

Brainspan Patient Intake Form

10-Page Technical Guide (.pdf)

Utilize this intake form for a subjective view before and after an assessment. Download the corresponding Clinical Insight Overview Document to help navigate the intake form.

Clinical Guide for the Role of EPA and DHA in Human Health - A Scientific Review

34-Page White Paper (.pdf)

Learn about the role EPA and DHA play in human health and development. Join Dr. Daniel Johnson in a scientific review highlighting major research on these vital fatty acids.

Brainspan Cognitive Assessment Test Overview with Troubleshooting Guide

10-Page Technical Guide (.pdf)

Learn technical details about The Brainspan Mental Cognitive Assessment. This guide includes a detailed overview with professional recommendations and troubleshooting directions.


Introduction to Brainspan

Join Dr. Johnston for an introduction to Brainspan with a brief overview on Essential Fatty Acid testing, cognitive mental evaluation, and a report overview. 

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"We have noticed significant pain relief,  and greatly improved memory, mental clarity and emotional healing."

Dr. Lucas Watterson

West Virginia

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