How do you know when your sample has been received or your report is ready? How do you know when you need to request support from BrainSpan?

Patient Notifications

Patients will always receive an email when their sample is received by lab. 

  • When looking for a previously sent notification about your sample, always search the sender "".
  • Patients will always receive a notification that their sample has been received by the lab. If you do not have this notification within 7 days of mailing off your sample, submit a request below. 

After it is received by the lab, within 7 days the results will be ready. However, you will not be sent an email notification that your results are ready until the practitioner does one of the following:

  1. Has their settings within their account configured to automatically send the notification email (see below) as soon as the results are in, or 
  2. Clicks the button that says "Send Report to Patient" from within their account.
  3. If it has been 30 days or more and the practitioner has neither marked the results as reviewed or sent the report to the patient, BrainSpan will send the email notification automatically. If you do not see it, submit a ticket below.

Because of this, patients should always double check with their practitioner before contacting BrainSpan when it has been less than 30 days since registering the test and you have not received an email notifying you how to access your results. An example of this notification appears below:

Practitioner Notifications

Practitioners receive two types of notifications: email and visual notifications.

  • Practitioners always receive an email notification from "BrainSpan" when results have been processed on any sample registered under their account. It appears as such:
  • Practitioners also see the the terminology change in their portal under Lab Status for a specific kit code. For example, a kit will go from stating "waiting to be received by lab" to "Received by lab, processing results" no more than approximately 7 days since registering the test (presuming it is registered and mailed on the same day). 
  • If it has been longer than that, a support request is needed by clicking the below button. The test may have to be re-done if the sample was lost in the mail or getting from the point of collection to the mail.
  • Next, it will transition from "received by lab" to "report ready". If it has been longer than 7 days since received and there is no indication of the report being ready, its time to submit a ticket.

Please select from the below options as to who is requesting the information once you are certain that it has been more than 7 days since registered and mailed with no confirmation that it has been received per above, or more than 7 days since received and you have confirmed (including with your provider if you are a patient) that your sample is not showing processed.

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