BrainSpan Quickstart

BrainSpan Quickstart Series are for new or returning practitioners to understand the latest functionality available to you through your status as a BrainSpan Practitioner and authorized Reseller. 


How to leverage the portal to grow both compliance and practice

Contains "tips and tricks" for making the most of the BrainSpan Portal.

  • The 2 ways you can register kits that provide a powerful growth opportunity
  • Ordering Kits and how to drop ship to patients (great for re-testing)
  • Common troubleshooting solutions to save you time.

Importance: 5 out of 5


How to read the report

Develop a deeper understanding and application of the BrainSpan report.

  • Understand the genesis of the report metrics used
  • Become familiar with fatty acid nutritional science and its ability to be used as a foundational nutritional test for all patients.

Importance: 5 out of 5


Who is your target audience? How to market and message BrainSpan

This video covers the essentials for communication both 1 on 1 as well as leveraging assets available to use in your emails and presentations to patients.

Importance: 4 out of 5


What is the evidence that BrainSpan actually works?

Why was this cognitive test chosen specifically? What is the clinical utility to you as a practitioner, no matter what your focus or specialty?

  • How it is scored
  • Who should take it and what are the various recommendations on improving that go beyond fatty acids?
  • Common issues and troubleshooting

Importance: 5 out of 5

Featured BrainSpan Practitioner: 

Dr. Margaret Merrifield

"Many of my patients have already made significant changes that I’ve been asking them to do for years, but now, because of this test they are truly motivated to take action and make changes. I would highly recommend this test as an essential component to your wellness framework."


Dr. Margaret Merrifield is an internist who joined the BrainSpan team of providers in Jan. 2019. Immediately recognizing that BrainSpan could fulfill a large and growing demand for preventive brain health services in her practice, she began to free her schedule up for more patient class time and less one on one patient visits. 


BrainSpan helped support her marketing and advertising efforts for her classes by first orientating her to all the digital assets available to her as a BrainSpan Reseller with an active BrainSpan Portal Account back-office. Next, BrainSpan reviewed all of our patient educational content and provider powerpoint content and discussed ways it might be most effective to package into a brief patient educational series within a powerful, cohesive, patient educational program. Her class attendance and demand for spots was immediate and extraordinary.


She began scheduling patient visits less often and opened her schedule up for more and more classroom based education built around a patient class registration fee model that includes the BrainSpan test and backed by her own nutritional and lifestyle program. But all of which is wrapped within an excellent content platform and powerful principles that encourage patient empowerment and patient know-how.


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