Video One

A Brief Overview

The first video provides an overview of the BrainSpan Testing System as it relates to the kits, the metrics they produce, and the scientific credibility that has become the DNA of BrainSpan.


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Video Three

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One Test Kit

Two Assessments

BrainSpan is a first-line, primary prevention tool for patients for everyone in the family but also contains a variety of clinical applications for common disorders.

Dried Blood Spot

150+ specific studies have validated how we measure 28 fatty acids used to provide 6 clinical scores, the BrainSpan (Brain-Age) Index, and 3 individual fatty acids: Omega-3 Index, AA/EPA Ratio, and Palmitic Acid.

Cognitive Function Test

Each BrainSpan Genesis-14 kit also includes a web-based, 15-20 minute cognitive function test measuring memory, attention, cognitive flexibility, and processing speed. The test has been validated in over 450 studies world-wide.

One Personalized Report


    Apply also to inflammation, auto-immune, cognitive & behavioral health, TBI, and immune system resilience.


    Build patient compliance through a straight forward approach that reveals to them their progress and why that matters. 


    Individual practices average an additional $32,278 in nutritional product revenue in only 12 months with as few as 4 tests per month.