Overview of BrainSpan


Two tests for the price of one


($99 value)

150+ specific studies have validated how we measure 28 fatty acids used to provide 6 clinical scores, the BrainSpan (Brain-Age) Index, and 3 individual fatty acids: Omega-3 Index, AA/EPA Ratio, and Palmitic Acid.


($95 value)

Each BrainSpan Genesis-14 kit also includes a web-based, 15-20 minute cognitive function test measuring memory, attention, cognitive flexibility, and processing speed. The test has been validated in over 450 studies world-wide.

BrainSpan Kit Pricing


  • $79-$99 per kit
  • Measures 28 fatty acids + 4 domains of cognitive function
  • Provides a 12 page report
  • 14 Individual Scores including 6-part Clinical Summary
  • Trending test and re-test
  • Actionable Metric Summary
  • Branded report options available



  • $59-$79 per kit
  • Measures 28 fatty acids, no cognitive test
  • Provides 12 page report
  • 10 individual scores including a 6-part clinical summary.
  • Trending test and re-test
  • Actionable Metric Summary
  • Branded report options available

Personalized Report

BrainSpan is a first-line, primary prevention tool for patients for everyone in the family but also contains a variety of clinical applications for common disorders.

  • Objective, Valid, and Engaging

    Apply also to inflammation, auto-immune, cognitive & behavioral health, TBI, and immune system resilience.

  • Integrates Functional Significance

    Build patient compliance through a straight forward approach that reveals to them their progress and why that matters. 

  • Grow Your Practice

    Individual practices average an additional $32,278 in nutritional product revenue in only 12 months with as few as 4 tests per month.

Tip the health scales back in your favor.

A thousand years ago we had an Omega-3 to Omega-6 balance in our cells that was about 1:1. This balances both pro- and anti- inflammatory hormones that regulate many different systems in our body.  Today the average Westerner has a ratio closer to 24:1 and many children, are even higher; a disaster for a rapidly growing brain.  The central part of cell health is balance--balance in both how much and how little inflammation is produced. 


"BrainSpan is a test that is simple, cost-effective, and amazing at getting patients engaged and excited. That translates to stronger commitment to the nutritional and lifestyle changes I have been advocating for years."


Dr. Margaret Merrifield, MD

Integrated Functional Medicine



    Free Trial Kit

    ​1 trial kit 

    A 30-Day Program

    Full Clinical Report-with 14 metrics

    Must be in full-time practice.

    One on One Report Review (Optional)

    Must register within 5 days of receiving.

    No Resale Use. Self-Use, Staff, or Family ONLY. 

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