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  • Offer a trustworthy, credible testing solution built around the Dr. Dan Murphy principles of fatty acids, inflammation, and cell dysfunction.
  • Leverage the rapidly growing demand for preventive brain health services through an optional application to brain function.
  • Make your patient encounters around nutrition and fatty acids more engaging by leveraging a proven strategy of patient engagement.
  • Empower patients, drive compliance.

Combining fatty acid testing with the organ that matters most.

BrainSpan is one of the very few fatty acid tests that correlates 98% to whole blood RBC testing done with the same lab where over 200 studies have validated the method and stability of our results.


Specially treated, proprietary blood-spot cards ensure 29 fatty acids are stable for 30 days and do not require patient fasting like most other labs.


Each kit comes with a 15-minute cognitive test. It can be completed by phone, tablet, or computer. The kit code links all the data together.


Practitioners choose BrainSpan to measure both fatty acids and cognitive function of patients reliably.  Patients choose BrainSpan because they understand what that means.

  • Accurate and Objective

    BrainSpan measures the Omega-3 EPA/DHA Index, Palmitic Acid, the AA/EPA Ratio, and integrates a four part cognitive function test. 

  • Clinical Summary Metrics

    Personalized, understandable interpretations connect their diet to organ system health through clinical summary scores that aggregate data that by itself would be much less useful. 

  • Progress Tracking

    Boost compliance dramatically by showing clients how their health is improving  with easy-to-read graphs. 


Overview of Key Principles

Learn about the Brainspan report and process. Practitioners can use this guide to review many of they key principles taught by Dr. Dan Murphy, DC.

Brainspan Sample Report

A full 10 page sample patient report.

Video Overview

BrainSpan and Your Practice (5 min)

Join Dr. Johnston for a brief overview of BrainSpan.  We will discuss the basics of how BrainSpan can help you apply the concepts of inflammation and fatty acids to critical brain-body clinical needs.

Dr. Dan Murphy, DC

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"I am thrilled about that we finally have a test that takes a deeper look into the root cause of pain & inflammation and the impact on cognition."

Dr. Dan Murphy, DC

Chiropractic Lecturer