The Report & Metrics

We believe that the most important feature of a report after its validity is its ability to inspire.

Bringing Functional Significance to

Nutritional Metrics

The biology and relationship between structure and function is vital to understanding the power of the BrainSpan® Report. When combined with functional metrics of paramount importance, namely brain function, the meaning and reason for improvement takes on a new level of significance.

Two Integrated Tests

  • 29 Different Fatty Acids

    Our blood spot test measures over 29 different fatty acids that are used in various algorithms within the report to provide true meaning and significance to your life today and into the future. 

  • Five Cognitive Metrics

    Neurons are the most sensitive cells in the body to nutritional change. Measuring the collective function of these cells is critical to our well being. Executive Function and four individual domains are tested objectively and reliably.

The BrainSpan® Report Key Features

Individual Fatty Acid Metric Pages

  • Omega-3 Index

    Omega-3 fatty acids are the building blocks of the brain, determining the brain's integrity and ability to perform. They are to your brain cells what calcium is to your bones.  EPA/DHA  are obtained through eating oily fish or taking a high quality fish oil supplement. 

  • Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio (AA to EPA)

    Omega-6s (specifically one called "AA") tend to increase pain, inflammation and clotting, whereas Omega-3s such as EPA tend to decrease inflammation and increase blood flow. Both are considered as "essential nutrients"--that is, we must get them from our diet for survival--we cannot manufacture them on our own.  

  • Palmitic Acid

    Excessive palmitic acid (usually from a diet high in simple carbohydrates) is generated from excess carbohydrates that we do not burn.  Maintaining optimal palmitic acid levels helps normalize leptin and insulin signaling, which helps regulate your metabolism, increases your energy, and improves neurotransmitter communication.

Individual Brain Health Areas

  • Memory Capacity

    Working memory is the process whereby your brain is able to temporarily store information in the moment and recall it when you need it. Poor working memory scores may suggest brain cell nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, insufficient neuronal connections, or poor quality sleep.

  • Sustained Attention

    To efficiently sustain your attention and 'tune out' competing distractions, your brain must produce specific neurotransmitters. However, your brain requires adequate nutrients to create these neurotransmitters. 

  • Cognitive Flexibility

    Flexible attention is your capacity to rapidly adapt your thinking based on new information and not get stuck in compulsive behavior. Poor flexible attention scores may be due to a decreased production of the neurotransmitters serotonin and GABA.

  • Processing Speed

    Processing speed is the pace at which you take in information, make sense of it and begin to respond. It has nothing to do with how smart you are -- just how fast you can take in and use information. Slow processing speed may be due to nutrient deficiencies in brain cells, limited production of vital neurotransmitters, chronic stress, lack of quality sleep, and toxins in your diet (such as refined sugars and processed foods).

A Focus On:

Simple, Clear, Actionable

Summary Pages

Clinical Summary Areas:

Clinical Applications

The 6 different clinical summary scores below are based on over 20 different fatty acids, as well as age, gender, and cognitive functional scores.  

Metric Summary:

Progress Tracking

The actionable-metric trend summary page is the capstone of the report. This page has various options based on well-validated, high-quality clinical nutritional brands (see below, Partners).

Trend Progress

Build Compliance

Brainspan tracks your scores over time. This approach to making it easy to measure and see your progress from test to test improves confidence and your commitment to the recommendations.

  • See Progress

    Brainspan reports use color-coded markers and a simple language to visually depict your scores in critical areas of brain and cell health.

  • Score History

    Track up to four tests in one report eliminating the need to go back and shuffle through pages of old reports.

  • Meet an Important Need

    Practitioners who leverage Brainspan to build wellness programs find a renewed demand and interest.

Sample Reports

Branded Metric Summary Trending Options


BrainSpan has partnered with four leading nutritional companies to provide an evidence-based, product-specific, validated compliance and patient educational tool.

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Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH

Founder and CEO, BrainSpan

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