We measure health...where it matters most.

BrainSpan measures the metrics at the origins of our longevity, resilience and optimal performance; those that reflect the health of life's building block, the cell.

We measure your total cell health by looking at cell structure and brain function.

Fatty Acid Dried Bloodspot (10-14 days)

Cognitive Function Test (15 min)

  • We measure 29 different fatty acids in each sample.
  • Cell membrane health is largely determined by levels of fatty acids; of which is is comprised.
  • Comparing Omega-3 to Omega-6 levels indicates the inflammatory "climate" within your cells.
  • Levels determine resilience to aging, infection, and ability to create new cells, including brain cells.
  • Fatty acids have an enormous role in metabolic health and glucose metabolism.
  • We measure 4 main domains of brain health comprising total executive function.
  • Rather than a test focused on solely indicating problems, it tells you where you stand compared to expected and optimal.
  • The scoring leverages a large, well-validated database of healthy, age-matched controls to compare your score against.

Making brain health about cell health...and making both simple and actionable.

Step 1


First, a simple finger stick to collect a few small drops of blood.

Step 2


Next, a 15-minute, web-based cognitive test will evaluate your brain functional areas. 

Step 3


Understanding your brain health through the lens of your diet and lifestyle makes the pathway to improving clear and actionable.

Objective, Valid & Trusted

In Keep Sharp (Gupta, 2021), New York Times Best Selling author, Dr. Sanjay Gupta,  wrote "Dr. Daniel Johnston...cofounded BrainSpan to help people measure, track, and improve brain function...And with a healthy brain comes a healthy body...a stronger sense of confidence, a more solid financial future." 

Gupta, Sanjay. Keep Sharp. Simon & Schuster, 2021.

Practitioners, Researchers and Institutions Trust BrainSpan®

The Benefits

Track the most powerful and sensitive predictors of your functional health and experience:

  • Early insight into functional brain changes before they become apparent in traditional medical screening. 
  • Ability to lower total body inflammation that is at the epicenter of aging and chronic disease...and keep it in check.
  • Improved health and function of the immune system, the microbiome of the GI tract, and the metabolic health of cells throughout our body.
Metrics that Matter

The average Omega-3 Index in the US is about 4%. The optimal ratio based on many well published studies is 9%.

The average ratio of pro-inflammatory nutrients to anti-inflammatory is 25:1. The ratio should be 5:1 or better.

Excess carbohydrates are turned into palmitic acid, disrupting leptin signaling and increasing cell damage.

Your ability to remember and recall information is vital to aging gracefully.

Staying focused on tasks with a high attention to detail is important to productivity.

Quickly understanding and accurately responding to information impacts our entire quality of life.

“BRAINSPAN® is a powerful health and wellness tool that was conceived during a deployment to combat while serving in the US Army.  The key was not just prevention, but optimization and resilience. This only happens once we visually observe how our diet and lifestyle is connected to the health and function of every cell in our body, including those of our brain. No one should live their life today without knowing these numbers."


Founder, CEO BrainSpan, LLC