Know your deflame status

  • Measure the inflammatory climate through specific reporting on AA/EPA & Omega-3 EPA/DHA. 
  • Integrates a neurocognitive function test to bring functional relevance
  • Empower patients, drive compliance

Built on 165 peer reviewed studies.

Practitioners choose Brainspan to measure blood lab and cognitive function of their patients reliably.  Patients choose BrainSpan because they understand what that means.

  • Accurate Blood Spot and Cognitive Testing Results

    Brainspan measures blood spot Omega-3 Index, Trans Fat Index, Omega 3:6 Ratio, and AA:EPA Ratio along with an online cognitive test.

  • Individualized Nutritional & Lifestyle Recommendations

    Personalized, understandable interpretations connect their diet to brain function. Then, extends that knowledge to the importance of taking action. 

  • Objective Tracking of Results

    Boost compliance dramatically by showing clients how their health is improving  with easy-to-read graphs. 


Introduction to Brainspan

Join Dr. Johnston for a special webinar building further on Dr. Dave Seaman's principles to discuss the impact on preventive health and various ways we can measure "cell climate" to know we are deflaming with confidence. 

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"For years I have been teaching the critical role of essential fatty acids in inflammation, pain, disease and function... to have a valid and reliable test to objectively measure these is a game-changer."

Dr. Dave Seaman

Author, Professor, Lecturer

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