Brainspan + Biotics Research

A customized report with Biotics Research product recommendations  improves compliancy and outcomes.

Biotics Research Customized Report

Practitioners use Brainspan to measure blood lab and cognitive function of their patients using trusted products. 

  • Accurate Blood Spot and Cognitive Testing Results

    Brainspan measures blood spot Omega-3 Index, Trans Fat Index, Omega 3:6 Ratio, and AA:EPA Ratio along with an online cognitive test.

  • Individualized Product Recommendations

    Biotics recommendations are built into the report based on blood and cognitive test results.

  • Objective Tracking of Results

    Show clients how their health is changing with easy-to-read graphs. 


Introduction to Brainspan & Biotics Research

Join Dr. Johnston for an introduction to Brainspan with a brief overview on Essential Fatty Acid testing, cognitive mental evaluation, and a report overview. 

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"Seeing concrete results makes the problem more real but most importantly having actionable steps empowers the patient to be proactive."

Cynthia Thaik, MD

Holistic Cardiologist, Harvard

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