Our Story​

The BrainSpan mission started with research on the battlefield and an uncompromising dedication to improve Soldier health and resilience in the years following 9-11.  Later that mission would evolve to helping practitioners, patients, and the general public with building and sustaining healthier and more resilient lives. 



In 2009, I was in the Army (as a soldier medic), looking for a solution to build resilience in soldiers and their family members. Our team was looking for solutions to reduce negative outcomes and performance when going through stressful situations. At the time, soldiers were going through multiple middle east deployments and as a result, were suffering from PTSD, martial problems, substance abuse, and other negative life events. 


After trying to fix this problem from within the Army, I retired on a mission to bring the research and methods to the public.​  


I would personally like to thank you for exploring this critical area of patient testing and education that directly addresses a widespread nutritional crisis in 95% of our patients.  



Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH

Founder, BrainSpan