Our Story​

The BrainSpan mission has always been to empower consumers, patients, practitioners and partners with meaningful data and engaging reports to create healthier and more resilient lives, improve the quality, applications and effectiveness of natural products, and move beyond the disease-diagnostic model of laboratory testing.



In 2009, I was in the Army (as a soldier medic), looking for a solution to build resilience in soldiers and their family members. Our team was looking for solutions to reduce negative outcomes and performance when going through stressful situations. At the time, soldiers were going through multiple middle east deployments and as a result, were suffering from PTSD, martial problems, substance abuse, and other negative life events. 


At a NIH conference, we were discussing the complete lack of "Nutritional Armor". Essential Fatty Acids offered the resilience we were looking for. So, we set off to do the first ever combat study with exploring this under combat in Iraq.


A few findings are worth pointing out here:


  1. We were overwhelmed with interest in the study because of brain function component. The soldiers wanted to understand how their brains changed under stress and this proved a valuable anecdotal piece of information since it would later drive compliance as well.
  2. A very strong association between executive function (particularly cognitive flexibility, memory and processing speed) and the levels of essential fatty acids was clearly apparent.
  3. Later we would find also that when you fix or address the imbalance, the individual feels better within 2-3 weeks and the brain function improves over the next 3-6 months some 25-35% in major domains of function.

After trying to fix this problem from within the Army, I retired on a mission to bring the research and methods to the public.​  


I would personally like to thank you for exploring this critical area of patient testing and education that directly addresses a widespread nutritional crisis in 95% of our patients.  



Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH

Founder, BrainSpan

Our Advisory Board

The Brainspan Advisory Board is full of amazing practitioners, investors, experts and researchers devoted to helping us fulfill our mission to provide truly life improving diagnostic information.

Dr. Daniel Johnston

Founder & CEO

  • U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel (Retired)
  • Expert in nutritional neurocognitive health and performance, mental resilience & performance coaching
  • Served as Executive Medicine Physician, Pentagon
  • Pioneered the first study in nutrition & brain performance in combat

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Advisory Board Member

  • American neurosurgeon and medical reporter
  • Associate chief of the neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Assistant professor of neurosurgery at the Emory University School of Medicine

Bryan D. Hixson

Advisory Board Member

  • Expert in neurotechnology, EEG Brain Mapping & Neurofeedback
  • Director of the Digital Brain Health Platform at Sharecare (started by Jeff Arnold, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Harpo Studios, Sony Pictures Television, and Discovery Communications)
  • Account Lead for AARP Staying Sharp Brain Health Initiative

Michael Morykwas

Advisory Board Member

  • Professor at Wake Forest University
  • Bioengineer
  • Expert in medical device development
  • assists with device validity testing, data, clinical applications in TBI
  • Designed a suction device that is used world-wide known as a Vacuum-Assisted Closure (V.A.C.) device

"Testing [for pain and inflammation] is easy, quick, and objective. I like that I can take a patient with a 35:1 ratio and in 3 months have them at 4:1 by following a simple protocol."

Jason Watson, DC

Functional Medicine Expert